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Get started with the Syntakt with this

quick-start guide course

13 Lessons


Beginner Course

Discover the power of the Elektron Syntakt

and master its sonic potential


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Preorder the complete bundle (Beginner, Advanced & Expert) for a discount


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The Comprehensive Guide

Conquer the Hydrasynth and level up your sound design!


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The Sound Designers Toolkit

Push the Hydrasynth even further with over

4 hours of advanced tips & tricks


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The Preset Creator Masterclass

Learn how to design presets from

from the ground up


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Dreadbox Typhon Mastery Course

Learn the Typhon & create presets

4.5 hours of inspiring content


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Typhon Electro Presets Vol.1

16 Dreadbox Typhon Electro Presets

Including sequences & performance macros

16 Presets


Hydrasynth Presets Vol.1

Unlock the Hydrasynth with presets

that you will actually use

64 Presets

SALE £29


Druum & Melatron - Loops From The Poundshop 606

They brutalised a 606 using modular and FX pedals to create a pack for Techno/Electro producers needing filth.

96 Loops


Drum Samples Vol.1

192 custom drum hits, formatted for DAW, Octatrack and Digitakt

192 Hits

SALE £10

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