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Mixhackers // Artist Series
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Live Performance Masterclass

This 60 minute inspirational masterclass by Ben Pest offers a comprehensive exploration into live performance techniques and tools, focusing on hardware mastery, creative sound manipulation, and performance optimisation. 

Optimised Hardware and Routing Mastery: Begin with a concise overview of Ben's hardware and delve into the intricacies of MIDI and audio routing. Learn how he efficiently manages clock signals, organises audio tracks, and integrates dynamic side-chaining and effects for a seamless setup.

Art of Live Transitions and Scene Mastery: Uncover the secrets to magnetic live transitions and explore the powerful capabilities of the Elektron Octatrack. From creative scene morphing to arranging and glitch effects, Ben shows how he harnesses the full potential of his equipment to captivate the audience.

Performance Preparation Essentials: Discover the critical steps for pre-gig preparation, focusing on set organisation and gain staging. Ben demonstrates how he balances meticulous planning with the spontaneity needed to thrive in live scenarios.

Exclusive Techniques and Tools: Gain insider knowledge with Ben’s favourite performance tips and exclusive use of unique tools like the Electro Harmonix Platform, Hologram Chroma Console, and The Pill Pedal for innovative sound manipulation and level boosting.

Pre-Recorded for Flexibility: Access this comprehensive masterclass anytime, anywhere. Perfect for busy musicians, this pre-recorded format allows you to pause, rewind, and learn at your own pace, ensuring you can master live performance techniques thoroughly on your schedule.


The Lesson Plan

01 Hardware Overview: Introduction to Ben's hardware setup & unique approach [3min]

02 Midi Routing: Deep dive into systematic clock and midi routing [2min]

03 Audio Routing: See how Ben Pest organises hardware audio tracks, routes audio, utilises sidechain and integrates unique FX [8min]

04 Performing Transitions: Discover Ben's unique approach for cultivating stimulating live transitions [8min]

05 Set Preparation & Gain Staging: Ben explains the importance of set organisation and gain staging prior to a gig, while still allowing for spontaneity during a performance [3min]

06 Octatrack Performance Tips: Ben shares some of his favourite octatrack performance techniques [5min]

07 Octatrack Creative Scene Morphing: Inspirational use cases for utilising Octatrack scene morphing via the crossfader [2min]

08 Octatrack Scenes Breakdown: Ben breaks down the scenes been used and showcases the programming involved [3min]

09 Octatrack Arranging With Scenes: Ben demonstrates an arrangement technique he occasionaly uses to create arrangements with Octatrack scenes [3min]

10 Octatrack Granular Glitch With Scenes: Ben showcases inspirational Octatrack scene glitching and comb filtering on an amen break [5min]

11 Octatrack Freeze Delay: Ben's good time, adventurous freeze delay technique! [2min]

12 Syntakt Control All: A key feature in Ben's toolkit for improvising during a performance [3min]

13 Sequence Stop & Start: Ben's risky but brilliant approach to creating tension in a club! [3min]

14 Electro Harmonix Platform: End of chain limiting solution for boosting levels to match club DJ's [3min]

15 Hologram Chroma Console: Ben's latest addition to the live rig for spontaneous FX mangling [2min]

16 The Pill Pedal: A fairly unknown solution for responsive sidechain in a dawless setup [2min]

17 Cyclone Bass Bot TT-303: Acidy goodness, sequenced via Syntakt with some sequencer polyrhythm trickery thrown in [5min]

Ben Pest Press Shot 1

Meet Your Mentor

Ben Pest, renowned for his dynamic live performances, specialises in a potent mix of hardware-based techno, broken electro, and breaks.

His electrifying sets have graced major festivals and clubs such as Glastonbury, Unfold, Boomtown, and Berghain, as well as notable venues like Phonox, Balter, Oxi, Corsica Studios, and Bangface.

As a prolific producer, DJ, and live performer, Ben has released a diverse range of music on esteemed labels including Mechatronica, Earwiggle, Ninja Tune, Science Cult, Orson, and Asking For Trouble, among others.

His impressive discography and a standout live session on HOR Berlin last year underscore his exceptional reputation, making him a sought-after act across Europe.

Mixhackers // Artist Series
£49 GBP


Live Performance Masterclass

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