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Multi-language Course Subtitles Available! English, Espanol, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Italiano... Plus More On Request!
Multi-language Course Subtitles Available!

Digitakt II


Part One: The Video Manual

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Mixhackers // Mastery Series
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Digitakt II

Part One: The Video Manual

Your Ultimate Video Guide to the Digitakt II

This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to transform your understanding and mastery of the Digitakt II. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started or an intermediate user wanting to understand every feature in detail, this course provides everything you need to elevate your music production without the hassle of reading a manual.

Dive into 7+ hours of expertly crafted, high-quality video content, spread across 10+ comprehensive modules and 50+ in-depth lessons. Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow segments, ensuring that even the most complex topics are made simple and accessible.

Dive into the Ultimate Digitakt II
Learning Experience


Extensive Course Content
Experience 7 hours of expertly crafted, high-quality video content. The easy-to-follow format and in-video chapters ensure you can quickly find and master each technique.


Comprehensive Modules
Dive into 10+ modules that simplify complex topics. Each module is broken down for easy comprehension, providing structured, accessible learning.


In-Depth Lessons
Access 50+ lessons packed with detailed information. High-quality visuals and clear progress tracking make it simple to stay on top of your learning journey.

What You Will Learn

Feature Breakdown by Module:


Digitakt Overview & Settings

Get a comprehensive introduction to the Digitakt II, covering its interface, settings, and essential configurations to get you started.
Front shot of the Elektron Digitakt II


Pattern, Kit, Preset & Sample Management

Learn to efficiently manage your patterns, kits, presets, and samples, ensuring a well-organized workflow.
Screenshot of Elektron Transfer


The Sequencer

Master the sequencer to create complex patterns, utilising recording modes, parameter locks, euclidean and much more...
Elektron Digitakt II Sequencer Trigs


Sample Machines

Dive into advanced sampling techniques and learn how to manipulate audio using different sample machines.
Digitakt II Sample Machines Menu


Audio Track Parameters

Understand and control the audio track parameters to shape and refine your sounds.
Elektron Digitakt II Filter Page


FX Parameters

Explore the effects parameters to enhance your tracks with delay, reverb, chorus, and compression.
Elektron Digitakt II Effects Page


Mixer Pages

Learn to use the internal and external mixer pages for optimal mixdowns and performance.


MIDI Integration & External Gear

Connect and control external gear using MIDI and then save the midi track as a recallable preset.
Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth synced up using midi with the Elektron Digitakt II.



Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of sampling, from basic recording to complex sample manipulation.
Sampling screen on the Elektron Digitakt II



Integrate Digitakt II with Overbridge for enhanced functionality and seamless DAW integration, allowing for multi-track recording and real-time parameter adjustments.
Elektron Overbridge 2 Logo

Why Choose Mixhackers
Mastery Courses?

  • Expertly Crafted Content
Our course is created by an industry professional with years of experience. You’ll receive top-tier instruction that’s both practical and insightful.
  • Structured Learning Path
The course is divided into clear, manageable modules that allow you to learn at your own pace. Each lesson is organised to build on the previous one, ensuring a smooth learning journey.
  • High-Quality Video and Sound
The video lessons are recorded in high definition with clear sound, ensuring an engaging and immersive learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
From basics to advanced techniques,
the course covers every aspect of the Digitakt II. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the device and its capabilities.
  • Lifetime Access and Updates
Get lifetime access to the course materials. Plus, we update the content regularly to ensure it stays relevant with the latest Digitakt II firmware updates.
  • Multi-Language Subtitles
The course includes professionally translated subtitles in multiple languages. More languages can be added by request by emailing support after purchase.
  • In-Depth Text Summaries
Each video lesson is accompanied by detailed text summaries and breakdowns. Use them as a quick reference without having to re-watch the videos.
  • Community Access
Join our Mixhackers Discord community where you can connect with other students, share tips, and get additional support.
  • Direct Email Support
If you have any questions or need further assistance, support is just an email away.
So glad that I invested, learning loads and its much quicker than trying to do it on my own, or by watching random YouTube videos!

Mark Belcher

Hydrasynth Mastery Customer

Meet Your Mentor

James Orvis / Druum is a UK-based music producer, live act, and experienced course creator.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he has gained support from renowned artists like Boris Brecha, Dave Clarke, Helena Hauf, Hector Oaks, RLGN, Umwelt, Dave Clarke, Ben Pest, Idris Elba, Monika Kruse, David Guetta, Will Clarke and Dense & Pika. His work has also been featured on platforms such as BBC Radio One, Spotify Official Playlists and ADE.

As a versatile artist, James aka Druum has toured in various bands and solo projects, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the owner of Balter Records – he has demonstrated expertise in managing the business side of the industry.

With previous experience as a sound designer for Ampify, Novation, Elektron and Audiotent, James has honed his skills in audio production. Over the past few years, he has been mentoring students one-on-one, helping them finish and release music by overcoming creative blocks.

As the course creator and owner of Mixhackers, James is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring musicians.

Multi-language Course Subtitles Available! English, Espanol, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Italiano... Plus More On Request!
Multi-language Course Subtitles Available!
Unlock Your Digitakt II


Part One: The Video Manual


Gain lifetime access to Part One of the Digitakt II Mastery Course. Learn at your own pace with high-quality video content and comprehensive modules.
  • Access to 7 hours of expertly crafted video lessons
  • 10+ in-depth modules covering all aspects of Digitakt II
  • 50+ detailed lessons with easy-to-follow segments
  • Lifetime access and regular updates with the latest firmware
  • Professionally translated subtitles in multiple languages
  • Comprehensive text summaries and breakdowns for each lesson
  • Exclusive access to the Mixhackers Discord community
  • Direct email support for personalized assistance

Some words from our happy students

I can’t recommend this course highly enough!
There isn't a course like it out there and nothing on YouTube comes close.
Jon Kaye
Hydrasynth mastery customer
The course is filmed well and you can tell James put a lot of effort into the production.
I would definitely recommend!
Brad Armstrong
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
James does a nice job of running through an astonishing array of functions, giving overviews of how they work, and providing you with the fundamentals!
Chris Wade
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
Ninechecker electro artist profile shot
Thorough, methodical, clear and considered course. 10/10 would recommend it! Amazing value. ️️️️️️️️️️
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
So glad that I invested, learning loads and its much quicker than trying to do it on my own, or by watching random YouTube videos!
Mark Belcher
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
The courses are very linear and that makes it much easier than grabbing 100 different videos from a 100 different people and trying to navigate that mess!
Gregory Stewart
Syntakt Mastery Customer
Picture Of Miruk_ze
1000% satisfaction! Could easily be the best Syntakt course on the market!!!
Tons of must-know tips and tricks. Very playful, motivating and inviting!
Mark - Miruk_ze
Syntakt Mastery Customer
James' teaching style is great, fast paced but not too fast. And his enthusiasm for the subject is clear.
I recommend this course to all owners of a Hydrasynth.
Mario - The Media Is
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
This course covered everything in regards to learning the Hydrasynth. I look forward to being able to go over the information over and over again!
Hydrasynth Mastery Customer
This is the most comprehensive course on the Syntakt and it has completely changed my workflow!
Ali R
Syntakt Mastery Customer
Super helpful content helping me to master my Syntakt skills. James provides creative processes presented in a way that’s easy to follow and apply!
Martijn S
Syntakt Mastery Customer

Have a Sneak Peek!

Experience a Sample Lesson from
Part One: The Video Manual

MODULE 50 | Sampling on Digitakt II

Lesson Timestamps

00:00 Recorder Page

00:44 Record Main L & R

01:10 Record Length

01:30 Threshold

02:07 Waveform Editing

03:39 Saving Sample

04:06 Assigning To Track

04:43 Location Of Saved Sample

05:00 Managing Sample

05:16 Play Arm

05:52 Mute Access

06:58 Manipulating Recording

07:27 SRC Options & External

08:35 Post & Pre Mix

09:20 Record Single Track


Lesson Summary: Sampling on Digitakt 2

In this lesson, we explore the sampling features on the Digitakt 2. Here’s a quick recap:

1. Accessing Sampling:
  • Sampling Button: Press the sampling button to start recording the master sound, external inputs, or individual tracks. The recorded audio can be edited, saved, renamed, moved to different folders, and assigned to a track for further manipulation.
2. Recording Audio:
  • Setup: Set up the recording to capture the main left and right outputs, which includes all drums and the Hydrasynth.
  • Start Recording: Press yes to start recording. Use the threshold function to start recording automatically when the audio exceeds a certain level.
  • Manual Start: For precise control, set the number of steps to record (e.g., 64 steps) and start recording manually.
3. Editing Samples:
  • Trimming: Use the trimmers to shave off the intro and outro. Zoom in for precise editing and find zero-crossing points to avoid pops and clicks.
  • Looping: Enable looping to listen for any imperfections. Adjust playback options to play the sample continuously or to the end.
4. Saving and Assigning Samples:
  • Save Sample: Save the edited sample and give it a descriptive name.
  • Assign to Track: Assign the saved sample to a track for further manipulation and integration into your project.
  • Sample Directory: Access the saved samples in the "Recorded" folder on the +Drive. Move, rename, or delete samples as needed without using the Elektron Transfer app.
5. Additional Recording Options:
  • External Inputs: Record audio coming in from external sources, such as USB or direct inputs.
  • Player Trigger: Use the player function to start recording at specific steps, capturing the desired audio precisely in time with the sequence.
  • Post Mix vs. Pre Mix: Choose between recording post mix (affected by external input volume) or pre mix (full input volume) to get the best recording quality.
6. Practical Applications:
  • Creating Loops: Record and loop sections of your track to create new samples and loops for further manipulation.
  • Recording Performance: Capture live performances, including MIDI controller movements, for dynamic and expressive samples.
  • Isolating Elements: Record individual elements like kicks or bass separately for detailed editing and sound design.
7. Example Workflow:
  • Initial Setup: Start by recording the main left and right outputs or individual elements like kicks.
  • Editing: Trim, loop, and save the recorded samples.
  • Assignment: Assign the samples to tracks and integrate them into your project.

For more detailed instructions, watch the full video above. Familiarise yourself with these sampling features to enhance your sequencing capabilities on the Digitakt 2.


Frequently Asked Question

Find answers to relevant questions

Currently, we have a selection of the most popular language transcripts including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian. I can add your language on request, please let me know what language you request after purchase and I will use the profit from your sale to pay for transcription.

You can email me at james@jamesorvis.com from the account you purchased with and I will transcribe and upload the updated subtitles within 3 business days.

You will need a Digitakt II, a good listening environment (headphones/speakers), relevant Elektron software (Elektron Transfer and firmware updates) and an internet connection.

Modules differ in length, some are just 5 minutes, and the longer ones go up to 40 minutes so it depends on where you are in the course and how long you have at that given time. The course is structured in chapters and modules so you can pick up where you left off and easily go back to previous lessons.

Forever! :)

This is a lifetime access license, content will forever be available via the student login portal along with any other courses and masterclasses that you purchase from my website.

No, you don’t have to create an account.

An account for the student login portal will automatically be made for you upon purchase.

Unfortunately not, each student should have their own login and license.

I publish these courses at an affordable price, in the hopes of not pricing anyone out from the educational content that I provide.

By being a good egg and supporting me properly, it will allow me to create even more courses and free tuition to help you all make better music :)

The Mixhackers Discord channel will be a place where you can share your creations, live jams and music to get feedback and also give others feedback. So if you are looking for accountability and communal support please come join the Mixhackers Discord community :)

Technical support is at hand, if you have an issue with the student portal or you need to access something that you have lost, I will be there to help. Any further questions can be asked in the Discord Community.

I haven't had to refund a student yet, which is great! But for any reason you are not happy with the course material, you can let me know why within 3 days of purchasing and I will happily refund you. After this, you will lose access to the courses in your student learning portal.

Yes, but to get the most out of the course video player I would recommend a desktop or tablet. As well as the larger video size, you will also have access to subtitles and in-video chapters.

In the future, I aim to develop an app for viewing course content, but we are quite early in the business to fund an app at this moment.

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Mixhackers // Mastery Series
£69 GBP

Digitakt II

Part One: The Video Manual

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