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Thorough, methodical, clear and considered course. 10/10 would recommend it! Amazing value. ️️️️️️️️️️
If you are like me and are relatively new to the world of synthesizers, I'd strongly recommend James' Hydrasynth Part 1 Course. After working through the manual, I can say that your time is better spent actually seeing video of the Hydrasynth in action and hearing the impact of different adjustments. James does a nice job of running through an astonishing array of functions, giving overviews of how they work, and providing you with the fundamentals you need to start having fun with this fantastic synth!
Chris Wade
I’ve sat looking at the Hydrasynth for ages, playing with presets now and then but never really understanding what it can do (despite actually reading the manual!). James manages to really get you using the Hydrasynth and designing amazing sounds from scratch with ease. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. There is nothing like it out there and nothing on YouTube comes close.
Jon Kaye
I completed the course shortly after purchasing it and enjoyed the experience. As I am interested in sound design, I found the preset creation modules most helpful. The course is filmed well and you can tell James put a lot of effort into the production. I would definitely recommend the course to any electronic music makers who want to take their sound design game to the next level. Well done! Thanks James!
Brad Armstrong
I have completed Part One of the Hydrasynth Mastery Course, and really enjoyed it. James not only knows how to get the most out of the ASM, but he also knows how to teach and project himself on camera. I had a look at his other project and videos and realised his is the real deal, an artist and not just a corporate. My bottom-line… I’m so glad that I invested, learning loads and at a steady pace. Making myself learn the stuff, much, much quicker than trying to do it on my own, or by watching random YouTube videos. Some of the stuff I now about the ASM I just ‘would not’ have known, ever! Again, its all about the time, and at my age, time is too tight to mention! Just buy it – you will not regret it!
Mark Belcher

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Meet Your Mentor

James Orvis is a UK-based music producer, live act, and experienced course creator.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he has gained support from renowned artists like Boris Brecha, Dave Clarke, Idris Elba, Monika Kruse, David Guetta, and Will Clarke. His work has also been featured on platforms such as BBC Radio One, Spotify Official Playlists and ADE.

As a versatile artist, James has toured in various bands and solo projects, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the owner of two record labels – Super Computer A/V and Balter Records – he has demonstrated expertise in managing the business side of the industry.

With previous experience as a sound designer for Ampify, Novation, Elektron and Audiotent, James has honed his skills in audio production. Over the past few years, he has been mentoring students one-on-one, helping them finish and release music by overcoming creative blocks.

As the course creator and owner of Mixhackers, James is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring musicians. Enroll in the Hydrasynth Mastery Course today to learn from a seasoned industry professional and level up your skills.

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